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4 Skills Every Working Adult Should Learn (Online, for Free!)

As Business Fizz and other blogs of its ilk have made clear, we are now entering a new age, one in which skills considered instrumental to being employable are no longer as necessary. On the hand, skills deemed useful only to a handful of computer geeks a couple of decades ago, are now common currency among most employees. If they aren’t yet, they should be, because many jobs go unfilled since employers cannot find qualified candidates with the right skills. Here’s what you need to know:

1.     HTML

Of course, not everyone necessarily needs to know HTML, the basic markup language of web pages. But if you plan on conducting any part of your business online, or if you intend on working for a company that does, then knowing basic HTML can help you tremendously. If you are a business owner, knowing HTML well may mean you can skip the cost of hiring someone to design every single part of your website. I learned HTML fairly late in the game, and I’ll say right off the bat that it’s quite easy, as long as you practice. Here’s a great place to learn the basics. Continue Reading »

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Have You Ever Wanted To Give Up?

As I am looking at my blog today, I wonder if it is time to give it up. It’s been a good friend for a long time and I have produced between 300 and 400 articles for it. I just kind of wonder if it is time to move on and let it be?

Well, I am a little too stubborn for that. I like this blog and I want to continue writing, but I am also having a difficult time getting re-started. So for all of you looking for something new from me here, or those of you who sent me emails I haven’t responded to, just hang in there. We will get the ball rolling again.

Our products distribution business has been really active lately, doing over $4,000 per month in sales and more than 50 new distributor leads per month (yes it is a multi-level marketing distributorship). I hired Chris full time to manage the business because I was simply too busy for all of the activity. Since she has really taken over and I have done my best to ignore what’s going on so on can concentrate on other things. Continue Reading »

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Combining Your Insurance Coverage to Save Money

Harjinder Kalirai

Like many people out there you probably get lost each month in the process of paying off small debts, paying bills and paying for weekly shopping expenditures. Whilst this is entirely normal, keeping track of everything can be difficult and paying for everything seems to keep getting harder. As the price of nearly everything increases and the amount you are being paid remains at a flat rate, it may be time to look for better ways to reduce the costs of your monthly bills.

Instead of cutting back on holidays, saving on general expenditure, and generally trimming the fun, there are other ways to save. If you have multiple insurance policies, then combining these may make the payments easier and give you a lower overall rate too. This is a great option to consider to cut back on the monthly bills.

Combining Coverage

Instead of paying for life insurance, home insurance, health insurance and car insurance as separate policies each month, it is worth considering combining as many of these as possible to get the best premiums possible. Whilst not all providers will offer insurance combinations, it is certainly worth considering when you are looking for life insurance quotes. Continue Reading »

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Managing Online Reputation: One of the Vital Aspects of any Business

F Delventhal

Creating and managing a positive reputation online is not an easy task for any business these days.  Companies today get a lot of media exposure which can be both good and bad for their image in the public eyes. People are now more aware and do not hesitate to share their experiences and opinions about anything they are concerned with. This freedom of expression and exposure to various media forms makes it difficult for business organisations to avoid criticism and create a completely positive image among the customers. This is where the professional online reputation management (ORM) teams come into picture.

Whether you have one product/service or many, you are bound to have some satisfied and some unsatisfied customers. Sometimes the unsatisfied customers turn hostile and they get busy in letting the world know about their bad experience. Their negative and derogatory comments on personal blogs, social networks and other such platforms can deeply harm the image of an organization, brand or product. A professional ORM team can help you in mending a damaged reputation and further maintain it to assure a continuously growing business. They can do things to regulate the circulation of positive feedbacks, comments and content about your product or brand to build a positive image for you. Continue Reading »

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Tips for Upgrading Your PC

(c) David Wright

Upgrading your PC is a necessary step every few years. If you run a business then you may even find yourself upgrading even more frequently than this to keep up to date with the times. Upgrading can relate to three things: upgrading the software, upgrading the hardware, or buying a new computer.

Often the first two of these elements will go hand in hand, but this article will consider these three aspects individually at first.

Upgrading the Software

Upgrading the software is the cheapest way to upgrade your computer, but it can also often have a huge impact on productivity and your efficiency. Upgrading your OS is the best place to start because this will speed your processes up and get the ball rolling. Continue Reading »

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Be Outstanding For One Year

Here is a challenge for you: If you are in your 20′s or 30′s, I want you to make a goal to be outstanding for just one year.  What does it mean to be outstanding?  It means trying to be the best at whatever you do.  Don’t know how to be the best?  Good!  Read one book per week on outstanding behavior for your profession.  Read an article a day from the internet on how to be the best.  Spend time thinking about the ways you can improve, and continuously improve!

It can take a lot of energy and stamina to be outstanding.  But guess what, you can do it!  You can do much more than you believe you can!  You can work hard, study constantly, and continuously improve.  You can be the best… the fastest, highest quality, most productive at what you do.  Whatever that is whether it be business, accounting, CEO, front desk clerk, or factory worker, you can be the best.  And each position needs great people, and many companies are willing to pay more for the best. Continue Reading »

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5 Things Entrepreneurs Hate To Do

Entrepreneurs create businesses.  We love to create things from scratch and develop a business into it’s full potential.  However, there are many things that go into managing a business that we hate, and here is a partial list:


Many tax agencies make us fill out tax forms every year.  I know that this year I have filled out my 1120′s, payroll tax forms, and my personal 1040.  I hate it.  Because I have a daughter in college, I also had to fill out the FASFA.  Back a few years ago, I used to have to fill out forms to keep my son on our health insurance, every 6 months.  I dread it all.

Accounting Continue Reading »

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Trend: Computer School Graduates Prefer Start-ups to Corporate Life

Rather than join the recruiting rat race, many recent IT graduates leap right into creating their own business. The path from computer schools to a start-up company is plagued with risk. Yet the relationships between colleges and the tech sector can often spark the essential process of creating a business plan, rounding up venture capital and creating an advisory board of mentors.

The rush to start-ups began at schools like MIT and Stanford during the 1990s, but tech grads today are starting firms around the country. One popular route for tech students involves brainstorming and gathering expertise while volunteering or performing internships at existing firms. You may want to partner up with a business school major to develop plans before your degree is in hand.

Computer school grads avoiding corporate America

According to eWeek, some 400,000 IT jobs are currently unfilled in the country — although many of them are lower paying, entry-level positions. Between the lack of well-paying jobs and a rocky economy, the idea of managing a start-up can look attractive to those ready to graduate. Continue Reading »

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The One Simple Tip to Help Avoid an Audit

If you’re one of those people who isn’t happy unless they’re bucking the trend, standing out from the crowd, and getting noticed by everybody, there may be an IRS audit in your future. With the amount of tax returns that find their way to the IRS each year, not every return is reviewed for accuracy. Instead, the returns that have noticeably questionable information contained in them invite IRS scrutiny.

The same rules apply to your small business and possibly even more. If you’re combining your business takes with your personal taxes, being outside of the norm on the personal side of your return may invite more scrutiny on the business end of your taxes.

In order to decide what is outside the norm, the IRS looks at the average amount of deductions claimed per income group for each year and those averages are compared with the amount of deductions you claimed. These categories include medical expenses, taxes, interest, and charitable contributions. How does your 2011 return compare with these figures? Continue Reading »

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What Is This Vision Thing Anyway?

An entrepreneur creates a vision and sets out to make his vision a reality.  What is this vision thing anyway?  Is it inspiration from God?  Well, vision is kind of putting together the pieces in order to create a world which does not yet exist.  An entrepreneur starts with an idea about making a profit.  For instance, I buy something for $25 and sell it for $50, making me a $25 profit.  Except… what keeps the customer from just buying from my supplier for $25?  I guess maybe he doesn’t know where you get it from and you won’t tell him.  Perhaps you have to buy in a quantity that the customer can’t buy in.  Let me tell you a secret, somebody can.

So that makes creating your own product important right?  If you have a simple product, you know that somebody can come along and copy it, making them your competitor.  You could patent your design or product, but patents do expire. Continue Reading »

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